Sunday, April 3, 2011

Asparagus in the time of tax returns.

As the readers of this blog may have noticed, our hero, the Oklahoman Swede-Pole, did not spend a lot of time at home during March. Instead, during what me might call the Great Spring Migratory Period, he traveled all across the United States and visited New York (again), Boston (first time, and it was great), Austin (SWSX-a great time), and Denton, TX, (good Indian food) over Spring Break. After a brief two-day stop in Oklahoma, the math guy behind this blog then flew down to Houston to attend the Triannual Ahlfors-Bers conference. His 5 days in Houston were most enjoyable and filled with many exciting math talks (no, really!), delicious BBQ at Goode Co., and almost nightly visits to Hans' Bierhaus with the NY/ WA/TN/OK postdoc/young faculty gang.

This week, post-A/B conference, our blogger had a Swedish friend visit him in Stillwater. (Third visitor so far. Anyone else? Tornado season is approaching...) Cowboy boots were purchased, PBR was sampled, oil derricks were viewed, talk was given, a good time was had.

After this visit, our postdoc was supposed to stay put in OK for a while. But instead, he inexplicably found himself in high demand as a speaker in the western part of the United States, and so will be going to Manhattan, KS, as well as Las Vegas within the next few weeks. This change in travel plans, along with teaching, along with the necessity of filing tax returns (1040NR-EZ? Okla taxes? W2? Etc.) has turned this into a most busy time north of McElroy Rd.

So what does an Oklahoman Swede-Pole do when he is hungry, but also needs to get a lot of things done? Does he go to Chick-Fil-A for a quick meal? Is IHOP getting a visit tonight? Nope. Rather, our blogger cooks all the vegetables in his fridge, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

green onions

olive oil

salt and pepper

Rinse the onions and the asparagus. Peel the carrots. Cut off the top part of the carrots, the bottom part of the asparagus, and the top and bottom parts of the green onions. Turn on the oven, medium heat.

Lay out two sheets of aluminum foil. Pour a little olive oil onto them, sprinkle some salt and pepper on it, and then toss the vegetables in the mix.  Grate a little (hold that thought, I mean a lot of) parmesan on top, and add a little salt and pepper. Wrap the vegetables up in foil and into the oven they go.

Sit back and relax (or read up on IRS tax forms online) for 15 minutes or so. Remove the "package" from the oven and serve this deliciously simple meal immediately, possibly with a slice of bread.

Serving suggestions: "Black Love" by Afghan Whigs on the side, a bottle of Alien Amber Ale from Roswell, NM.

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